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castaway island, canobie lake park.

A Brush with life played a large role in all design aspects of the Castaway Island expansion project at Canobie Lake Park. Working closely with architects, designers and builders, A Brush with life helped to develop the themes and design of this waterpark which was a huge success from the moment the gates opened. Responsibilities included-  initial conceptual design renderings, coordinating the use of rustic building materials such as bamboo, thatch, and metal roofing panels, designing the interior of the cabana rentals and employee lounge area, developing themed sculpture ideas and overseeing the building process of them by Big Buzz Designs, helping to develop a stamped concrete design that won multiple awards, all color and theme design of water slide elements,  waterpark furniture, and signage, placement of landscaping, themed food stand and restaurant designs, entertainment themed areas and props.

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