commission a custom pet portrait.

Acrylic on  Stretched Cotton Canvas

Honor your furry loved ones with hand-painted portraits created from reference photos that you provide. Please scroll down to see photo requirements.  The depth of the canvas comes in 3 choices -

7/8' (traditional profile) - Best if you plan to have it framed.

1.5"   (gallery profile) - The painting is carried over the sides, no frame needed.

2- 3/8" (museum profile) - The painting is carried over the sides, no frame needed.

Each painting is created using high-quality materials. Professional-grade acrylic paints are used to render your pet on premium grade 10 oz. cotton canvas that is stretched over kiln dried stretcher bars. The completed painting is coated with an isolation coat and then sealed with a UV protective clear coat. The isolation allows for the top clear coat to be safely removed from the painting and then reapplied should there ever be damage to the surface of the painting such as smoke or staining. Care instructions are included with each painting.

Pet Portrait Pricing

* Profile is the depth of the painting.

* Many more size options are available. Please submit your information below for a quote.

* Above prices are for one animal per painting. Please add an additional $50. per pet to be included in the portrait.

* Framing is not included.

* Shipping and/or delivery charges are billed separately.

* Additional design fees may be charged to cover design time for unusual requests. This will be clearly stated before       deposits are taken and work commences.

The Process

In order to receive a quote, please be prepared to answer the following questions-

  • What size and depth would you like your canvas?

  • How many pets will be included in the painting?

  • Are you envisioning a portrait or landscape orientation?

  • What type of background would you like in the painting?

  • Is this a gift, is it needed within a specific time frame?

  • Do you have access to clear color-accurate, digital photos of your pet and the ability to email them?

Once you have considered the above, please call, e-mail, or fill out the quote request below. I can help you with any of the details that you are unsure of. After having all of the required information, I will create a sketch of the layout for your approval. At this point, a 50% deposit is due to start the painting, and the balance is due upon completion.

What constitutes a good reference photo?

Please make sure photos are-

  • Sharp and clear.

  • To the best of your ability, include at least one picture with your pet in the position you would like them to be in the painting.

  • Try to take the photo in natural light so that the pet's coloring is as accurate as possible.

  • Please do not send pictures that are grainy or have filters applied. A minimum of 150 dpi is recommended.

  • Please include several additional photos of your pet, not necessarily in the same pose, but ones that help me determine the size, build, coloring, and even the personality of your pet.

  • Include any additional reference photos of your ideas for the painting, including backgrounds, design elements, etc.


*By providing your photos, you are granting Sheryl Bentley of A Brush with Life, permission to use the photos in order to create an artistic work for you. You are purchasing the original creation, and not the copyright to the works created. A Brush with Life retains all copyrights to the artwork.

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